Competition conditions

Competition Conditions

  1. Competitors enter at their own risk. Comdance accepts NO responsibility for any accidents or injury to any persons associated with the festival, either as a Competitor, Volunteer or a member of the General Public, at any time.
  2. Festival dates for 2020: commence 21st June 2020. The closing date of the entries will be 2nd May 2020. ALL ENTRIES ENTERED AND PAID FOR ON-LINE. A late fee of $10 per section will apply from 3rd May 2020 to 10th May 2020.
  3. Age of competitor will be taken as at 1st January in the current year. Winners may be asked to produce birth certificate before receiving trophies.
  4. The Festival is open to amateur & professional dancers.
  5. The Committee reserves the right to alter, amend, cancel or refuse any entry at any time or to cancel, combine or separate sections should the necessity arise.
  6. Entry fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
  7. The committee will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright or royalty by individual performers or persons associated with the performance.
  8. If the festival is running early, it will not run any earlier than 1 hour ahead of time.
  9. The decision of the committee will be final on all matters.
  10. The Society will not accept responsibility for any properties left in the Theatre.
  11. Failure to comply with any of the rules and conditions may involve disqualification and withholding of prizes. The decision of the Committee in all questions and disputes arising out of or not provided for by these rules and regulations shall be final. All entries received are subject to this provision and shall not be subject to any appeal by law as being contrary to the spirit of friendly competition upon which this Festival is based.

General / Performance

  1. All competitors must appear in order or may be disqualified. This is at the organisor's discretion.
  2. Competitors whose names are omitted from the programme for any reason will be required to appear at the end of the section, in numerical order.
  3. No Competitor may appear more than once in any solo Section of that genre, including troupes.
  4. No item may be repeated except for qualifying heats.
  5. All performances in finals must be identical to those danced in qualifying heats or divisions.
  6. All dance sections (solos & troupes) must contain at least 80% dance quality except Acrobatics Dance which must be 70% tricks and 30% dance.
  7. Competitors may only appear in their own age group in solo sections.
  8. Troupe entries must include all names and dates of birth to be valid. The age of the troupe is governed by the eldest member.
  9. No prompting backstage allowed.
  10. Song & tap / Tap troupes, all members must wear tap shoes.
  11. Song & Dance/Tap sections should have no vocal backing at all in any part of the routine. Routines should have 50% song 50% dance.
  12. Voice overs are allowed in Novelty routines only.
  13. Competitors must perform the work of a school whose name appears on the entry form and must have been receiving tuition from the present teacher he or she is entered under for at least a period of 3 months prior to commencement of these competitions.
  14. If a competitor commences an item and stops they may appear again at the end of the section (for a critique only).
  15. Music with tap sounds, not permitted in any tap dance (including Troupes).
  16. Reports need to be collected from the admin desk after presentations. Reports will only be given to the Competitor or their parent or teacher
  17. All competitors in solos and troupes must have a Competitors Pass in 2020 to gain entry.
  18. Please TYPE NAMES AND BIRTH DATES correctly when entering ON-LINE ENTRIES (very important).
  19. Competitor passes can be used for entry into the auditorium for all sessions.


TROUPE: is 6 or more competitors with a maximum of 30 on stage at any one time.

NOVICE TROUPE: a novice troupe section is for competitors who have not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any one competition prior to the closing date of this competition for that particular genre of dance entered.

ANY AGE: these sections are for competitors of any age.

NOVICE SOLO: a novice solo section is for competitors who have not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any one competition prior to the closing date of this competition for that particular genre of dance entered.

OPEN SOLO: an open solo section is for any competitors.

CLASSICAL: All classical sections must include classical music with no vocal.

DEMI-CHARACTER: must tell a story incorporating classical technique and mimed gestures. Can include a prop, hand held or placed on the stage. A variety of music can be used with variations in tempo. Classical or Semi-Classical music to be used with NO LYRICS.

NATIONAL: the dance from a particular country. Must be authentic and show the costuming, music, style and characteristics of that country's dances. Highland, Sailor's Hornpipe and Irish dances excluded.

LYRICAL: modern flowing movements based on Classical technique. Music normally has lyrics and the dance should show a connection with the music.

CONTEMPORARY: a more individualistic and expressive style which is not bound by rigid technique, and showing free fall and spirit.

NEO CLASSICAL: shows the musicality of the music, must include classical steps and ballet technique.

NOVELTY: any dance style or mix of dance styles. Section may include more than one dance type and vocal items may include voice over.

UP TEMPO MODERN JAZZ: an energetic rhythmic and stylish dance form.

BROADWAY JAZZ: routine must be from a musical or broadway show.

TAP: any style of Tap.

STREET TAP: suitable costuming, Downtown Street Style

ACROBATICS DANCE: this section must contain 'Acrobatic' tricks which includes a dance element of equal strength.

DANCE ABILITY: any style of dance accepted. Any age in the troupe. This section is only for Dancers with special needs.


  1. No real flowers, foliage, fruit, vegetables, straw, cellophane or live flames are to be used or worn by competitors.
  2. No props or effects are to be set on the stage prior to the item.
  3. All stage props must be removed from backstage daily.
  4. No handheld props can be used in Classical Solo Sections.
  5. For Character or Demi Character sections, props are to be placed on stage by backstage helpers or competitors only, except for all 8 years and under sections.
  6. No loose glitter to be used.
  7. Solo props must not be left back stage. They must come in with the student, taken downstairs immediately after use, and taken home.
  8. Props cannot be thrown from the stage into the auditorium. Props may be thrown from stage to side stage, however prior approval from the Festival Organiser is required.
  9. Props to the backstage area only prior to the session they are required and then they should be removed on the completion of that session immediately.
  10. Please check all props for screws or nails as to not scratch the stage.

Adjudication, protests and disqualifications

  1. The adjudicator's decision is final. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator if deemed necessary.
  2. Protest against any competitor must be put in writing by the principal teacher to the "Protest Committee" within 1 hour after completion of a section with a fee of $30. If in the opinion of the "Protest Committee" a protest is deemed frivolous, the deposit is forfeited.
  3. The committee shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules and it's decision on any question or dispute shall be final.
  4. If a competitor is disqualified, it will be announced at the time of the disqualification. A disqualified item cannot be used as a qualifier for special sections.
  5. Any competitors, relative, or a teacher who approaches an adjudicator before the competitions may result in disqualification of the competitor.


  1. AGGREGATE and PERPETUAL TROPHIES: Where trophies are presented for annual competition the said trophies may be held by the competitors or school only until the 21st June 2020 when they must be returned. You can return 2019 Perpetual Trophies to the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre (1) any time during working hours from 1st June by prior arrangement - please email for details or (2) on the first day of the competitions. PLEASE ENSURE THAT TROPHIES ARE RETURNED IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Late return will incur a $20 fine per day. All holders of trophies will be held responsible for their safe custody, insured against loss and safe return at their own expense.
  2. All competitors are automatically entered in relevant Aggregate Awards. The Aggregate Award will take into consideration the results of up to and including 10 Solo Sections. Where a competitor has entered more than 10 Sections, their best 10 results will be taken into consideration. In the case of a tie, a "count back" approach will be applied to determine the Aggregate winner.
  3. AGGREGATE POINTS will be allocated as follows: Open Solos: 1st - 6 points, 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 2 points, HM - 1 point. Novice Solos: 1st - 5 points, 2nd - 3 points, 3rd - 1 point. Troupes: 1st - 6 points, 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 2 points.
  4. Honourable Mentions may be awarded in lieu of 2nd and 3rd placings. The prizes will be at the adjudicator's discretion.
  5. Results will be announced at the end of each Section and prizes will be awarded on stage immediately after the adjudication.
  6. The Society reserves the right to change the adjudicators for any reason whatsoever
  7. Aggregates apply to all Solo and Troupe Sections.

Stage & Curtains

  1. Front of house stage curtain & mid curtain can be used in TROUPE sections only.
  2. No rehearsal allowed on stage at any time during the Festival except for Championship & special sections, competitors are allowed to rehearse in the break prior to the performance of the relevant Special Section.
  3. ONLY COMPETITORS AND TEACHERS are permitted backstage on Troupe days. One parent or teacher per student is permitted backstage during all other days. This rule applies to all age groups except under 6 solos where one parent may be allowed back stage at the organisor's discretion.
  4. Backstage passes will be given out from the front desk.
  5. No spotlights/gobos to be used for any troupes.


  1. NO CD PLAYERS will be available for 2020, therefore No CDs or USB's will be accepted, ALL MUSIC must be on aux compatible devices such as ipads, ipods, laptops. These are to be taken side stage to the music person prior to commencement of the section and must be Clearly labeled.
  2. Teachers should check that correct music is handed in, there will be a 5 point deduction for incorrect music. No deduction will be made if a problem with music occurs which is out of the dancers/teachers control.
  3. Time limits will be rigidly enforced; entrants who exceed time limits receive a 5 point deduction from their score. The time of the item will be taken from the commencement of music or dialogue or from first movement of body, legs or arms, until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtain.
  4. Only one track per playlist.
  5. Copyright laws must be adhered to at all times. Entrants must be aware of their copyright responsibilities. Comdance is in no way responsible for a personal breach of copyright.

Dressing Room Area

  1. Each studio will be allocated a dressing room space. Please check room allocation at admin desk.
  2. Teachers are responsible for noise levels in dressing area. This area is to be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  3. Please take all rubbish and water bottles on leaving your dressing area...rubbish bins are supplied.
  4. There will be a $50 cleaning fee charged to any studio who leaves their room in a unacceptable state.

Where additional cleaning charges are imposed by Venues, these charges will be passed on to the applicable schools or competitors.

  1. Tap shoes are not to be worn in the changing rooms or the main foyer areas. This may result in disqualification.

First Aid

  1. Be safe and come prepared
  2. Each Studio (entered in troupes) MUST provided their own first aide person, ice, and first aid kit. Comdance staff and volunteers are not responsible for providing any first aid equipment or ice/heat packs.

Theatre Rules

  1. Mobile phones must be turned off in the auditorium, not just turned to silent.
  2. Due to copyright, the recording of any performances is prohibited within the theatre (this includes mobile phone cameras).
  3. Forbidden use of recording devices of any kind will result in confiscation.
  4. Etiquette must be maintained throughout sections.
  5. No children are allowed unaccompanied in the front 2 rows of the theatre.
  6. Sportsman like behaviour is to be maintained throughout the competitions.
  7. No one shall be permitted to enter or leave the auditorium during a performance


  1. We request that all studios provide a minimum of 3 responsible adult volunteers (16 years +) for Door Duties etc.
  2. It is the Studio Director's responsibility that the volunteers show up for their roster and know what is required.
  3. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact There are many responsibilities that require assistance prior to and during the competitions.

Photographer and Videographer

  1. An official video & photographer will be available at the Festival.
  2. Professional Photography Service: all persons accept that, by participating in this Festival, they will be photographed or filmed and that these images may be used by Comdance for promotion of the Society. Comdance will not pass any images onto a third party unless prior approval is sought. Please be aware that the official photographer and videographer, may use images to promote their Service at the Festival.


Sponsorship is so important for the running of the competition and is a tangible way to support the students competing and the Performing Arts Industry. If you know of any business or individual who would be interested in Sponsorships, please either enter online or email for more options.


Advertising space is available in both the PROGRAMME and ONLINE. Exposure is widespread throughout the registration website. Please contact should you be interested in acquiring advertising space.

Special Sections

Six entries must be received before first prize will be awarded.

To qualify for any special section, competitors must appear in two other solo sections.

In tap championship, competitors must enter open tap solo & one other solo.

In classical sections, competitors must enter open classical solo & one other solo.

Competitors must be present at the time of presentations of championships and scholarships to receive their prizes otherwise these will be forfeited.

CHAMPIONSHIP TAP SOLOS: Open to Competitors winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in Tap Open Sections, including Tap Championships, in any competition. Competitors must perform a continuous dance commencing with a slow and finishing with the fast tap showing a distinct tempo contrast. Dances must not be repeated in part or whole.


Sponsored by May Downs School of Dance

1st Prize - May Downs Perpetual Trophy plus $50.00 and $100.00 Voucher.

2nd Prize - $30.00

3rd Prize - $20.00


Sponsored by Jade Miggiani

1st Prize- O. Thompson Perpetual Trophy plus $50.00 and $100.00 Voucher.

2nd Prize - $30.00

3rd Prize - $20.00

LANCE DAVIS TAP CHAMPIONSHIP - 12 years & under 14

Sponsored by Michelle Slater Performing Arts Studio

1st Prize - Lance Davis Perpetual Trophy plus $50.00 and $100.00 Voucher.

2nd Prize - $30.00

3rd Prize - $20.00


1st Prize - Charles Himing Perpetual Trophy plus $100.00

2nd Prize - $50.00

3rd Prize - $30.00

JAZZ CHAMPIONSHIP - Under 12 years

Sponsored by Capezio

1st Prize - Trophy plus $100.00 Voucher

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $50.00 Voucher

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $30.00 Voucher

JAZZ CHAMPIONSHIP - 12 years & under 14

Sponsored by Kids on Broadway

1st Prize - Stagezone Perpetual Trophy plus $100.00

2nd Prize - $50.00

3rd Prize - $30.00

FRANK GRAY JAZZ CHAMPIONSHIP - 14 years & under 16

Sponsored by Maree Floros

1st Prize - Charleston Family Perpetual Trophy plus $150.00

2nd Prize - $50.00

3rd Prize - $20.00


Sponsored by Shine Trimmings & Fabrics

1st Prize - Miss Denerio Perpetual Trophy (donated in memory of Miss Lily Allinson) plus $200.00

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $60.00 sponsored by Comdance

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $40.00 sponsored by Comdance


Sponsored by Dance Shop Brunswick

NOTE: Pointe shoes are optional.

Two Dances:

  1. Classical solo (no curtains allowed)
  2. Character or Demi Character Solo (Curtain may be used if required)

1st Prize - Perpetual trophy plus $100.00 order on Dance Shop Brunswick and $100.00 from Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing

2nd Prize Trophy plus $50.00 order on Dance Shop Brunswick

3rd Prize Trophy plus $25.00 order on Dance Shop Brunswick

COMMONWEALTH CLASSICAL CUP - 14 years & over (open to Girls and Boys):

Sponsored by Energetiks

NOTE: Girls must wear short Ballet Tutu

1st Prize - Perpetual Trophy plus $500.00 sponsored by Energetiks

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $100.00 voucher from Energetiks

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $50.00 voucher from Energetiks


Competitors are required to perform 2 dances. Dance must not be repeated in part or whole. No curtains are to be permitted in any part of this section. All props. i.e. hats, bowers, clothes, can be thrown off the side of the stage. The stage must be left empty on completion of routine.

Two Dances:

  1. Tap Solo
  2. Song & Dance

1st Prize - Perpetual Trophy plus $500.00 sponsored by Oppulent

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $100.00 from Oppulent

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $50.00 from Oppulent


In Memory of Mr Brockenshire. Competitors are required to perform 2 dances. Dance must not be repeated in part or whole. No curtains are permitted in any part of this section. All props, i.e. hats, bowers, clothes can be thrown off the side of the stage. The stage must be left empty on completion of routine.

Two Dances:

  1. Tap Solo
  2. Song & Dance

1st Prize - Perpetual Trophy plus $250.

2nd Prize - $100.00.

3rd Prize - $50.00


1st Prize - Perpetual Trophy plus $100.00 voucher

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $50.00 voucher

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $30.00 voucher


1st Prize - Perpetual Trophy plus $100.00

2nd Prize - Trophy plus $50.00

3rd Prize - Trophy plus $30.00